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Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press 12 GA Load All (Multi)
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RCBS specializes in offering a complete line of reloading supplies for the home hand loader. RCBS Reloader Supplies set the standard for high-quality reloading equipment - just as they've done for over 60 years. With six decades of experience under their belt, RCBS knows all the ins and outs of the gear used by the home ammunition reloader. The brass case is the most expensive part of a loaded round of ammo. Reloading brass (by replacing the primer, powder and bullet inside the used brass casing) offers savings of about 60% over factory-loaded ammunition. RCBS handloading supplies provide shooters with everything needed to re-use expensive brass cartridge cases by reloading them with new primer, powder and bullets.

Lee Precision complete reloading tool is used for 12 gauge with 24 shot and powder bushings. Loads 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells. Nothing else is required.