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A Universal Charge bar gives you the ability to replace ALL of your charge bars with a single bar. It comes with adjustable openings for both shot and powder, giving you the ability to vary both charges for ANY recipe you could choose. It not only replaces all of the existing charge bars, but it gives you the ability to dial in exact charge sizes. No running to the sporting goods store or searching online for the right bushing. You have them ALL in this one device. In fact, you can even dial in charges that are between the fixed amounts found in the standard charge bars and bushings. The bar is infinitely adjustable from ½ oz to 2-1/4 oz of shot and from 12 to 55 grains of powder. (And you can use them for ½ oz to 1-1/2 oz steel shot as well). Plus, if you reload different sizes of shells, these charge bars are great - no need to sort through a bunch of charge bars and bushings to find the right ones. All you need to do is adjust the dials to your recipe and you are in business. You can probably sell all of your current charge bars and bushings and pay for this unit and come out money ahead. After using one of these you'll wonder why you messed with charge bars and bushings for all those years. This charge bar is the C/CS model, which can be used with any of the following Single-Stage Reloaders: MEC 600, 600 Jr, Versamec, Size Master 200, 250, Super 250, Mark V Texan LT, GT, and FW This unit is brand new in the factory packaging. It comes complete with installation kit, instructions, and a powder conversion chart (shown in the pictures) and the original factory warranty. As an added bonus,it also comes with a brand-new powder baffle. It helps compensate for variations in powder charges due to different amounts of powder in the bottle. Since consistency is one of the things we are looking for in reloading, they are something you really should not be without. And you get one free with the Universal Charge Bar. Take one (or two) home today!

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